Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Alexandros is a Multi-Media and Fine Artist having graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York where he has been living and working since the early 90s. Alexandros's career in the arts never catered to convenience or convention. His work always took the dangerous route to find its destination through an intuitive, yet exact marriage of photography, technology, painting and alchemy. Compelled by the noise of technology's collision with tradition, the artist sought meaning in our every day life by developing his own personal voice, a new unity combining chance and design. Alexandros embraced early on, the relationship between the world of images and how powerfully they influence our minds, which in turn construct the reality we experience on a daily basis. Needing to fully comprehend this relationship, he followed his strong urge to study the nature of reality and the mind by extending his studies into Hypnotherapy and its significance throughout ancient cultures for thousands of years.

This influence is evident throughout the artist's work showcase, something that adds to its uniqueness both thematically as well as stylistically.


Alexandros's work has earned him recognition and acclaim here and abroad, through exhibitions in Athens and New York and publication in arts compilations and magazines. He has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Computer Arts, and is featured in Extreme Design, by HOW Design Books, and Digital Exposure, by Harper Collins Publishers. His latest exhibit which showcased 17 original works, was at the SAATCHI & SAATCHI gallery in downtown New York, which ended in 2010.

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