The works of the artist are reflections of the inner struggle and changes taking place within the human psyche today, as the old point of reference shift or disappear and modern humans strive to create a new world model. Thus, the artist aims towards capturing the uneasy co-existence of the opposites of a declining world while a new world is simultaneously being born.


The digital processing of symbolic images as well as the additional processing using conventional techniques has led the artist to a unique personal style, although influences of both later and earlier artistic movements are evident: impressive forms, chaotic compositions with secret/mystical messages, which often require special codes in order to be discerned, are stressed by the common and intense chromatic oppositions.


These works are an inner optical translation, a mapping of the soul, an attempt to decode the subconscious or even the super-conscious self. It is also an attempt to bridge the gap between the holy (traditional) art of antiquity and modern artistic movements. The work contains references to the ancient mystical views of the structure of the world as well as the modern scientific contemplation. The dilemmas of the human psyche are united and eternal, a fact that never escapes the artist during the creative process.



The works are mixed media on canvas, watercolor paper or experimental surfaces like wood, metal or glass. The final result is a combination of manual photo and photo-illustration transfers as well as traditional painting with acrylics and metal oxides (rust/patinas).


The final pieces are original works of fine art in various sizes and formats.

© 2014 Alexandros Megas